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Worlds collide when a terrible curse plunges the spirit realm into chaos! In this relaxing game of swords, spells, and strategy, recruit a team of legendary warriors and sorcerers to restore balance to the world and break the curse of the Yokai Moon.

❀ Command your villagers ❀

During the daytime, it’s up to you to prepare for the impending attack. Send villagers to defend the fortress, forage for food, and shop at the Moonlight Market.

❀ Banish Yokai back to the spirit realm ❀

During the night, watch as your decisions unfold! Protecting the fortress at all costs, your villagers will battle elemental Yokai in a spectacle of magic and might.

❀ Decide the fate of the fortress ❀

As the sun rises, uncover secrets, pursue quests, and make supernatural friends along the way. With 100+ events and 20 unique villagers to recruit, no playthrough is the same.

❀ Survive the full moon ❀

The curse grows stronger with every full moon, bringing a new otherworldly threat. Survive 6 full moons to break the curse!

❀ Features ❀

  • 20 unique villagers
  • 6 enemy types
  • 25 equippable items
  • 8 side quests
  • 100+ events
  • 3 save slots
  • You can pet the dog!

❀ A note from the devs ❀

We are still putting the finishing touches on this game so there will be missing or placeholder art, music and SFX. Bugs may also be present.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy this demo of Yokai Moon!

Want to learn more about the making of Yokai MoonClick here to read Yokai Moon's article, "Edo-rable," in Wireframe magazine.


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I was drawn to the wonderful art & graphics, but i actually really enjoyed the game! i suck at strategy and survival management type games but i really enjoyed this one, even if I was kinda clumsy at the game at first.

this is great! thank you for sharing a lovely game with us <3

So happy to hear you enjoyed our little game - thank you ever so much for playing and leaving a comment!

I greatly enjoyed the game. But there is one problem: It ended.

Not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to see more of this. I hope you got an endless mode. Not to mention, the option to get the dismissed characters back(maybe some of them) or at least, unlock the expansion of rooms.

So happy to hear you enjoyed Yokai Moon and that you didn’t want it to end!

I love the idea of unlocking rooms. Originally, we wanted the player to be able to upgrade the whole fortress but my art skills at the time were too limited! One day, I hope I can bring this feature to a future project.

Thank you for playing!

I had high expectations and honestly they were exceeded! First off, superb execution of the visual/stylistic elements: the game looked and felt cohesive (not to mention gorgeous, both with the art and the music), the characters were interesting and varied, and the writing was descriptive and had such a nice voice/flow.

I thought certain elements of the UI worked very well too. I loved that you only had to waive over the mirror to see the enemies for the night. And I loved the events at the end of the night, they really kept me engaged. I did not initially like that you had to manually feed each character but I actually grew to appreciate that as it encouraged careful management of the characters.

Gameplay was extremely fun and enjoyable. Just like Moonlight Fortress, I loved how the player is made to learn the game as they play, and has to rely on their own judgement for the choices they make. Not knowing if taking a villager in is indeed a good choice or wondering what the use of an item will be before you buy it increases the stakes and gets the player more invested in what happens next. I especially liked the inclusion of the quests as it offered some variety and some gameplay with specific goals in mind that weren’t just to survive.

My only critique is that I think the game needs to increase in difficulty over its course more than it currently does. It remains at the same level during the middle and at the end; the characters seem far too overpowered than the enemies they face. During my entire playthrough, I only had one character die (the priest) and this was during the beginning of the game where I felt the difficulty was more appropriate. I think the difficulty started to level out around the time the Legendary Warrior character appeared, and the game was definitely too easy when the Monkey King appeared. (The Monkey King, I think, was far too OP, especially given his ability to save another character from dying. This pretty much made it impossible for any character to get killed after he joined my party. You are also kind of forced to accept him given that accepting him is part of one of the quests - ‘offer of service’). I also think that too many characters are requesting to join towards the end of the game in the span of a couple of days, but this may just be for the demo. I liked instead when you could only accept one of two characters- this only happened during the ‘earth or sky’ question. I think this could be utilized more especially as it creates unique playthroughs and encourages players to play the game again to choose a different result.

Overall I loved the game and I will also definitely be replaying this demo! Please let me know if you want me to specify anything that I’ve said earlier as I’d love for this review to be useful to you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such thoughtful and insightful feedback - it really helps us understand what improvements players would like to see.

It means the world to us that you enjoyed our little game! Thank you for playing!

Engaging strategy game! I love the art style! The character portrait and sprites look great. The UI is well done as well. Gameplay wise, there’s a lot of decision making to do, it always feels like you’re giving up one or two resources for another. The different items and stats help add to the decision making process. The demo is pretty lengthy as well! Overall, great time!


Thank you SO much for sharing your playthrough - it was wonderful to watch you play. I really enjoyed your narration too - it helps us learn what went well and how we can improve!

So happy you had a great time with YM :)


So glad you enjoyed playing -- thank you for sharing!! 

Hi, after 45 days--I can't play the demo at all, even on the other save points. It just keeps on showing me the credit scene. Love the game, still!

Hi there - it'll keep showing the credits because you have reached the end of the demo! Day 45 is the last day! We hope to add more days with future updates.
Thank you so much for playing until the end - so glad to hear you loved the game :)

Oh sorry! I thought I would have been able to play on days 1-45 on other save points, but that makes sense. Thank you for replying!

Oh no, I’m sorry - I totally misunderstood!

You’re right, you absolutely should be able to play Day 1-45 on other save slots too. Thank you for telling us about this - we shall investigate the issue. Sorry you’ve encountered this issue!

I am currently investigating this! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

This was a really fun strategy game. I love the setting and your choice of mythology. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing this video! We loved watching this!

So glad to hear you enjoyed it :D

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Question for everyone who's playing now; Does anyone know what the ungaikyō (the small mirror support item) actually does? The description says that it "traps spirits," but I don't understand what that means mechanicaly.

Update: Nevermind, the spiders helped me figure it out!

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Glad the spiders helped you!

Fantastic! ❤️


Thank you! We're so happy you enjoyed playing!

Hi hello ! I'm very interested in your game, but I have a tiny bitty question, Can i stream the game on Twitch ? I'm a tiiiiiny streamer so I'm not gonna bring people to the game but I still want to stream it ha ha


We would love it if you would stream Yokai Moon! Thanks for asking!

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Here is the stream !

Edit : I noticed at the end that I was hidding the most important feature of the screen i'm very mad at myself ha ha...
But other that my magnificent massive brain not able to think and makign almost every characters die lol it was a fantastic game ! I really loved it from begninning to end ! The design, the music, the gameplay... Everything was absolutely amazing ! I especially loved the quests ! For a tower defense to have quests is not common and I think adding that was so great !

I just found one bug during my gameplay, it was at 02:08:00, when Wakana dead, on the "end of the day" screen everything was... different lol Maybe I was cursed by the spiders but I do not think so lol

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I just finished watching all the way through - your commentary was so entertaining! :D

I’m so touched you loved playing so much. Thank you so much for sharing <3

PS: It’s actually quite rare to play through first time with no game overs - you played so well!

Oh ! You actually watch all the thing ? Ha ha, thank you ! That's very nice of you ! ♥

You game was truely interesting. The graphisms, the story, the gameplay... I have nothing to complain ha ha. I hope that you're going to have a lot of popularity, because it deserves it !

PS : Ha ha.... Thank god it ended when it did tho ha ha...


Please share a video of your stream with us!

That's so cute of you ha ha, I think I'll stream it maybe tomorrow or the day after ! It depends if I can control myself or not. Because damn your game is so pretty I want to play it sooooo much ha ha

Hello ! I tested the game and I really liked the cute graphics !! and the gameplay pleases me well, only in English I do not understand anything T_T the day it comes out translated into French (and possibly on xbox !!!! <3 <3) I buy! tell meee !!!


So happy to hear you like the art! It would be a dream to have the game translated into other languages.

Thank you for playing even though it was difficult to understand the text!


RIP Okina & Chiyo

I'm really happy about the game and love playing it but the game always glitches on day 22 for me can you help me

Hi!  We're so glad you're enjoying the game! So sorry about the bug -- could you please give us more detail? What happens when the game glitches?

Thank you for letting us know!

When I play the game on day 22, the game stops as one of the characters are fighting, and they don't do anything. It happened 3 times so I was wondering if it was maybe my laptop. But this game is amazing and I've been enjoying it so far.

I'm so sorry! That sounds very frustrating. I'd love to help fix this issue for you -- if you're willing, would you be able to take a screenshot and/or a video of this occurring? That would be super helpful!

Again, so glad you're enjoying it and thank you for playing!

Sorry for the late reply, I redownloaded the game and managed to go to level 26 but it looks like it's stuck again. Thanks again  

Congrats on the demo release! I cannot wait to give things a go


Thank you so much - we really hope you enjoy it! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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Huge congratulations to the fantastically talented devs! :-) I was lucky enough to playtest this during development and can't wait to get stuck into it again. A big well done/high five for getting it to this stage! 


Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us over the years <3

Can’t wait to hear about which villagers you take to the end!

I like this art style and game play. But i can't read the text that give me info about this game.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Looks like this screen has encountered a bug here! Hopefully the rest of the game is working for you.

I will track down the text for the introduction and send it to you over the weekend.

Thank for attention.

You work alone or group?


We’re a small group of three people :)

“Midnight stargazers can catch a glimpse of a rabbit who dwells on the silver surface of the moon. The rabbit spends her nights pounding rice into cakes for the immortal beings that preside over the earth. The rabbit brings harmony to the realms of humans and Yokai, the spirits who walk the fine line between balance and chaos. Under the rabbit’s watchful eye, humans have been spared from the Yokai’s mischief. One day, the unthinkable happens – the rabbit has gone missing! In her absence, a curse falls from the heavens and the most volatile Yokai are thrown into discord, wreaking havoc upon the human realm. There is one place on earth that still has hope: a small fortress that stands on the outskirts of a remote village. It is home to the elderly but wise Okina, who alone has the knowledge to return the rabbit to the moon and lift the curse. Okina cannot do this alone. His quest to restore the balance between worlds will require strength, magic, and courage. Okina possesses only the latter. The curse intensifies with every full moon, and Okina fears that not even the strongest Yokai will be safe from its corruption. The Jade Rabbit must be found before the world is plunged into irreversible chaos…”

Love the game, but I found a rather big bug; When I went to start a new game, it began on the last day I left off from, meaning that I had to face night 16 with only Oshinka.

Hope this helps, and I'll definetly keep playing!


Thank you ever so much for alerting us to this bug! Did it happen every time you tried to start a new game?

We’re glad to hear you want to keep playing though. Hopefully the rest of your playthrough is free of major glitches :D

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Yes, and I even tried to start a new game in a differant save slot. No dice.

Update: It seems that starting a new game after launching the game DOES work properly.


Thanks for the info - this helps a lot! We’ll investigate this further and provide a fix for the next update.

Great game! I really like it so far. The girl with the wavy long hair's death doesn't have an icon when she dies. I also would love an auto-feed button so that I don't have to individually feed them. The music, gameplay, and art are all super cute! Message me if you need another playtester or someone to help with any of the writing! I'm an unemployed English grad and I need some experience haha...


Thank you for playing! Super cute is what we were aiming for so thank you so much for the compliments.

Best of luck finding some experience! May we recommend checking out this monthly newsletter for entry-level writers? It’s put together by Samantha, the incredible Narrative Designer who wrote all of the beautiful words for Yokai Moon.

PS: an auto-feed feature is an excellent idea!

I was super impressed with this game! The art is super beautiful and I felt you guys did a good job with the tutorials, which, even though that might sound like it's not much, I had absolutely no idea what to do when I first started the game, so that says a lot. The only part I would change is that the gameplay feels a bit stale for me. I would say it's because basically the entire game is just clicking stuff, but then again, that's all bloons TD is, so I'm not really sure why. (although, I use the word stale lightly here, the game was still fun to play, and then again, tower defense isn't really my thing anyways, I'm sure someone else into this genre would enjoy it more). Other than that though, I'm excited to see the future development of this game! (It sounded like you were planning to add more as time goes on, is that right?)


Thank you so much for playing! We’re so happy to hear you liked the tutorial - we worked really hard on that part and reworked it many times!

We definitely hope to finish it, if there is interest :)